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“I’m overwhelmed.”

You’re beyond stuck. Things are piling up and now you’re scrambling from thing to thing, hemmoraging time, energy, and perhaps money. You’re accomplishing tons of tasks and still getting nowhere.  
You can’t rule your kingdom if it’s ruling you. You need to change not just the things that are happening, but how you relate to them.

Which of these statements resonate for you?

  • I’m exhausted all of the time.
  • I can’t keep up. I’m busy all of the time and feel as if I get nothing done.
  • The demands of me from work, friends, and family is endless.
  • I don’t run my life. It runs me.
  • I’m sick of it and getting angry.

You can turn this around and shift the polarity so that you are ruling your kingdom instead of it ruling you. You’ve gone as far as you can with your current way of relating to your kingdom and if you could have changed it by yourself, you would have by now.


  • Get clarity. Know exactly what you want.
  • Get moving. Enthusiastically engage your plan.
  • Get results. Sustainable success is yours!

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