Remember your first job. You likely filled out an application (GenX), were called in for an interview, put on your best clothes (me in my father’s tie), and got the gig. You worked hard, learned much, and were excited every two weeks when you received that glorious check with your name on the line that said, “Pay to the order of _______________________.”
Time passed. Circumstances changed. Maybe you wanted to buy (or fix) your first car, take a trip with your friends, buy cool clothes, or go out on a date. Whatever it was that you wanted was going to require funds. And you said a phrase that would, without your knowing, haunt you for years to come…
“I need to make more money.”
In that moment you created a dynamic that has existed and been costing you dearly ever since.
The Problem
The problem isn’t your bank account, poor budgeting skills, or that things are too expensive. The problem doesn’t even exist in physical world reality. The problem is in your mind.
It’s usually pretty easy to see when our actions are out of alignment with our goals. If you want to lose weight and eat cake daily, the alignment problem between action and goal is obvious.
But it’s often more difficult to see when the alignment problem is our mindset. In the case of wanting to acquire more money, the goal is that of abundance, or at the very least, enoughness. The mindset is that of scarcity.
You can’t generate abundant resources from scarcity thinking any more than you can lose weight by eating cake. “I need to make more money” is a statement of scarcity; of lack. “I need to make more money” implies, if not directly states, that there isn’t enough. And while this problem is creating misalignment, it’s also completely untrue.
How so? According to a quick Internet search, there is about $200 trillion in the world (with 29% of it borrowed – from whom I have no idea). So I can say, with confidence, that there is probably more than enough money for you to get what you want. Now, about that little mental alignment issue…
The Solution
You’ll be happy to know that just as the problem was created in your mind, so is the solution. And it can be implemented just as quickly as the problem initiated: with a single sentence.
You don’t need to MAKE more money. You need to FIND more money.
The money is already out there. It exists. So unless you’re a counterfeiter, you don’t need to make a damn thing. When you shift from “making” more money to “finding” more money, you completely change the mental construct.
Why This Works
It’s no different than when you lost your car keys, your wallet, or your phone, and scrambled around the house searching for it. Eventually, you found or, worst case replaced it. Either way, you were successful in getting it because you knew the item existed. It was just a question of where. You looked between the sofa cushions. No success. So you thought, “Huh. I thought it might have fallen out of my pocket when I sat down. I guess not. It must be somewhere else.” And you searched until you were successful.
So let’s say that you wanted to “make” more money by acquiring a new client. And, for whatever reason, the client did not sign on for your services. In the “make” more money framework, you have now “lost” that client, and that money. However, in the “find” more money framework, you have simply discovered where the money isn’t. “Huh. I thought it was with that client. I guess not. It must be somewhere else.”
The same is true in buying a house. “I thought they would accept the offer and this was going to be the house for us. I guess not. It must be somewhere else.”
Or in looking for the perfect outfit. “I thought I’d find it in this store. I guess not. It must be somewhere else.”
Or in dating. “I thought he/she was ‘the one.’ I guess not. He/she must be somewhere else.”
Or in… Ya know, I could do this all day. As much as I love to hear myself talk, I’d rather hear from you.
Where in your business, or life, can you better align your mindset with achieving your goals? What do you need to do to make the shift? Like, share or comment on Facebook! And for inspirational messages (or random goofy stuff) follow me on Twitter and Instagram!
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Executive coach and motivational speaker Chris M. King facilitates the mind shift necessary for professionals and organizations to achieve authentic success and empowerment. Clients experience productivity increases of up to 40%, freedom from burnout and overwhelm, clarity in times of transition, dramatically improved work/life balance, answers to "what's next," creative solutions for innovation, and an overall increase in satisfaction in career and in life. And he does all of this without ever giving advice! Chris doesn't show them THE way. He guides them in finding THEIR way. An emerging thought leader in the men's movement, Chris also works with professional men and women on accountability, vulnerability, and empowerment. He specifically addresses the issues associated with mid-life crises and Peter Pan Syndrome. He is a volunteer for ManKind Project International, a contributing author to The Good Men Project and Elephant Journal, and is honored to be working with Sam Morris as a contributor to Zen Warrior Training®, helping people achieve self-mastery. Chris is also a coach at Project Bully Buster, coaching teens as they navigate the challenges of adolescence. He is honored to work with and support organizations dedicated to the men’s movement, to women's issues, and, as brother to a special needs sister, the US Special Olympics. Chris is currently working on his first book.

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