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Conceptual thinking

Chris has extensive experience in countless businesses across many different industries including: marketing/PR, hospitality, health care, consumer electronics/technology, social media, non-profit, professional services, entertainment, manufacturing, and construction. This diversification in experience is extremely helpful with regard to conceptual thinking*.

“Using conceptual/abstract thinking, I help clients understand issues and situations at a deeper level. I guide and assist them in discovering their own inner wisdom and help them to remove the barriers that have held them back, allowing them to move forward in the way that is right for them. I don’t show them THE way, I help them find THEIR way. And as an inspirational/motivational speaker, I conduct seminars and deliver presentations specifically designed to reach their audiences.”
Truth, not advice
“I’m more of a guide than a coach. Many coaches have sage advice. But you have been in business (and certainly in your own life) long enough, and read or watched enough articles about ‘best practices’ or self-help, for every and any aspect of business and life. You have had plenty of relationships throughout your life that have taught you what to do for you. My intention is to tap into YOU: your authenticity, your inner wisdom, your truth and support you in following said. I won’t tell you what to see. I’ll help you understand where to look.”
Authentic empowerment
“No one ever really knows what they would do in any given situation until they actually find themselves in that situation. When confronted with a situation we rarely do what we thought we would. People don’t hire me to tell them in what direction to take their lives or relationships or what decisions are best for their business or career. They hire me to understand issues and situations at a deeper level in order to invoke their own inner guidance and wisdom that is, and has always been, present but clouded by past experiences and others’ advice.
“You don’t know what you don’t know. But often you don’t know what you DO know. I don’t help you find THE truth. I help you discover YOUR truth and that which is in your highest interest and service. THAT is ‘eMpowerment through authenticity!'”
If you want advice or someone to make decisions for you, there is no shortage of people who will oblige. But if you want to tap into your hidden truth, your authenticity and your own brilliance and POWER, Chris is your guide.

*Conceptual thinking is the ability to understand a situation or problem by identifying patterns or connections and addressing key underlying issues. This includes the integration of issues and factors into a conceptual framework. It involves using past professional or technical training and experience, creativity, inductive reasoning and intuitive processes that lead to potential solutions or viable alternatives that may not be obviously related or easily identified.
Conceptual thinkers analyze hypothetical situations or abstract concepts to compile insight. They have an astute understanding of why something is being done. They can think at an abstract level and easily apply their insights to the situation. Tomorrow’s leaders will need to think conceptually across all facets to compete in a diverse and growing economy.

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