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“If you spent half as much time and energy on doing your homework as you do on trying to get out of doing your homework, you’d be done by now.”
– W. Michael King, elecrtromagnetic compatibility engineer, and Chris’s father

“I was a master of self-sabotage, ” says Chris. “I also became quite adept at ‘mailing it in,’ faking it, and ‘spin doctoring.’ And I was miserable. I finally got on a conscious path of evolution and, for a while, struggled, stumbled and accepted little guidance from schools, teachers, or mentors as a young adult. Through adversity, I discovered the messages I feel most called to share about authentic empowerment, success, and self-expression. These are at the core of my heart and being.”
With a strong background in broadcasting, marketing, and public relations, Chris is well-versed in defining, crafting and delivering messages. As a motivational speaker, Chris is like none other and is referred to as an “authentic presenter.” We are bombarded by messages every day and the same old rhetoric isn’t going to make an impact.
Have you ever heard a motivational speaker tell an audience to “give up?” Chris did it. (You’d have to have been there to totally understand how well it worked and why). But Chris gets audiences to consider things in completely new ways, truly thinking outside of the box with improved results. And he doesn’t just share a message. He shares himself.
Ask Chris to craft and deliver:

  • Powerful messages that make an impact
  • Unique and sometimes even irreverent speeches
  • New and creative ways to consider ideas
  • Authentic presentations that inspire, motivate and empower!
Business speakingIn addition, Chris has candidly answered the questions women have hesitated to ask of men as a panelist for Allison Armstrong’s Understanding Men seminars. And he is always happy to share about his own life: growing up in the wake of his eldest sister’s death, his parent’s divorce, his own medical challenges, his marriage to a woman with bipolar disorder, and even his own rock bottom, when his life came crashing down.
As a professional AM/FM radio broadcaster in Los Angeles, Chris developed a gently irreverent style and has an uplifting way of re-framing conventional thoughts. He inspires audiences to consider ideas, both new and old, in unconventional ways. With a fresh perspective and an affinity for improvisation, don’t expect Chris to ever deliver the same speech twice.

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