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12 weeks with Chris King = Amazing Breakthroughs. If you find yourself hitting a glass ceiling in any area of your professional or personal life, I recommend connecting with Chris. In 12 weeks he coached me to breakthrough awareness in a specific area of challenge that had been a thorn in my side for almost a decade. Thanks for all your support and help this year! #grateful #flow #12weekstobreakthrough
Great coaches push you out of your comfort zone. I’ve known Chris M. King for some time now and he always surprises me by pushing the envelope in these ways. He is genuine and committed to relentless growth and mastery in his own life and in those of his clients. As a client of his, and as someone who would refer him without question, I feel really grateful for how he constantly inspires me to think and grow.
I’ve known and interacted with Chris for several years. He and I have had some personal interactions and discussions that lead to really impactful discoveries. I recently found myself ‘stuck’ as a business owner. Chris’s approach opened doors for me to quickly understand the issues and that allowed me to create a new level of enthusiasm. He helped me to understand ‘root cause’ and guided me in creating the path to move forward again. He is highly insightful with an exceptional skill level in communication. Simply said, I cannot find enough good things to say about Chris King and I highly recommend him to anyone. If this sounds a bit over the top, it’s not. Take the leap and make this happen for yourself. You’ll look back and be so appreciative that you did.
I got more out of eight weeks of working with Chris than I did from over two years of therapy. I feel like myself again.
Thank you. You’re awesome! Thank you. You’re awesome! Thank you. You’re awesome!
“My sessions with Chris have made me a more centered person and professional. I’m happier, more productive and feel like I have greater control of my career and my life. I appreciate Chris because he not only gives me good advice, but he inspires me to take it.”
“I sat with Chris and in an hour he completely ‘Oprah Winfreyed’ me. I don’t know how but he got me to open up and we explored the situation and came up with some fantastic solutions. He’s an amazing listener and is great at what he does.”Paras

“Chris is that rare individual who sees beyond the obvious and into the heart of issues and trouble spots. His sense of humor and clarity when presenting pull the audience right into his compelling stories. For those seeking their own truth and that of their companies, Chris adds that little something extra and different that makes his work so practical and insightful. See and hear the difference!”MerryN

“I was talking with some colleagues after Chris presented at our networking group. Men and women agreed: It was in the top 5 presentations of all time. Chris crushed it.”EricS

“I was stuck. I was stuck in my own emotional baggage (a.k.a. my inner child). I didn’t realize how stuck I was until the day I was called upon for a public speaking engagement. I froze. I needed help… Serious help… FAST. Chris rescued me. As we talked, he gently, compassionately, lovingly, probed and questioned and explored the possibilities underlying my stuck-ness. We unpackaged the layers until Chris helped me identify the trauma of my little-girl-self who was so self-conscious arriving at a new school for the first time. With Chris’s soothing and comforting guidance, insightful and intriguing process, as well as empathic questions/answers/conversation, I feel as though a weight has been lifted. I can breathe.”Alison Gordon

“I had Chris do a presentation for my professional networking group and his presentation was extremely dynamic and very engaging. He generated quite a bit of questions and interest from the 35 professionals in attendance. In addition, my conversations with Chris have been on both business and personal levels and he has always been the consummate professional with tremendous understanding and insight. I would encourage everyone to spend time with Chris to help find what’s holding them back to become a better and more successful professional and person. He is someone that should be consulted with for all levels of improvement that will help overcome hurdles which we all have in our lives.”EMFishman2

“I commend Chris for the positive spiritual energy he exudes. It’s refreshing, nurturing and pretty rare in the networking meetings I frequent. I always enjoy hearing him speak and appreciate his ability to distill and capture a group’s spiritual essence in what I’ll call a ‘meditative moment.’ It’s so much more meaningful than the usual promotional drivel.”

“I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled upon Chris. I actually cry every time we talk because when he tells me ‘What I hear you saying is…’ he reflects my feelings in such a more positive light and he really understands.”

“Chris’s professionalism and calm demeanor makes it a pleasure to work with him. His attention to detail and his knack to problem solving can not be matched. All of this combined with his creative artistic flair puts Chris in a league of his own. There is no task too small or complex that Chris can’t accomplish in a timely and exceptional manner. He has been an asset to our organization.”teryl

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