I hear you. I get it. It’s okay.

You’re burned-out, overwhelmed, and maybe a little pissed-off. I hear you. I get it. It’s okay.  
Sometimes as the queen – the professional woman – you only need to hear those three sentences in order to realign. But at some point, you’ll need to draw the line and make changes in service to your kingdom, and yourself.
You manage your career(s), you coordinate your family and friends, you deal with your king (I know, we’re not always an easy bunch – don’t tell him I admitted that), and attempt to find time for yourself to recover and reset. You consistantly put yourself on the back-burner and sacrifice yourself for everything and everyone in your kingdom, leaving you depleated and feeling as if your life is running you instead of you running your life.

Which of these statements resonate for you?

  • I’m overwhelmed/burned-out.
  • I need better work/life balance.
  • I’m raising a son alone.
  • My work environment is hostile.
  • I always put myself last.
  • Men suck! (One of my favorites.)
  • I’m striving for more professional success.
  • I can only succeed if I become a total b****.
  • I want/need to get things done more efficiently and/or effectively.
  • I don’t feel like myself.
  • I have at least one relationship in my life that is suffering or is toxic.

My mother had her career and three children at home (one of which was a special needs child who died at the age of 11-years-old). She had a difficult marriage to my father that eventually ended in a bitter divorce, as well as other problematic family dynamics/relationships. She also had to raise a son (yours truly) who was, shall we say, “challenging.”
I hear you. I get it. It’s okay.
Like her, you have everything you need to make the changes you feel are in alignment with the the kingdom you want. With a heart-centered approach, I guide you through processes that relieves, empowers, and inspires you to achieve what you might currently think is impossible. I won’t say that it will be easy – actually, it’s probably going to suck. Bad. But I promise that it’s worth it.
Contact me today and let’s discuss it all. It’s your career, your family, your relationships, your life – your kingdom. Make it Reign!

Heart-centered and powerful executive coaching for Queens

  • Daring authentic empowerment and living from your truth
  • Gracefully balancing work and life
  • Dealing with kings – professional men. HA! (No, really.)
  • Consciously navigating career or personal transition
  • Nurturing professional and personal relationships
  • Co-creating win-win-win conflict resolutions
  • Experiencing dynamic performance improvement
  • Increasing co-operation between women in the workplace
  • Understanding boys, men and improving those relationships
  • Feeling like “you” again

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