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You’ve come to a crossroads or hit a plateau, you aren’t sure what to do next, and advice is just more noise.
We’ll facilitate the discovery of the answers you need in order for you to get clear, focused, and we’ll get you in moving forward and hold you accountable to achieving your goals so you can get results.


You’re overwhelmed. Tasks are piling up and deadlines are looming. Everything is a priority, and everyone demands your attention.
You can’t rule your kingdom if it’s ruling you. We’ll streamline your processes and reclaim the resources you’ve been losing so that you can get focused and moving on the things that matter, and ensure you get the desired results while feeling calm and in control.


When you’re done feeling stuck, and done being swamped, you’ll come to the point where you’re just “done.”
You have a choice. You’ll either unconsciously destroy your kingdom, or you can consciously redesign and recreate it. One is painful and creates exponential, additional problems. The other gets goals accomplished and makes dreams realities. You have to choose.

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“I built my kingdom. I had my career, my marriage to my queen, travel, and

toys. And I didn’t realize that I was miserable.”

“First, I felt stuck, bored, and trapped. Then I felt swamped, overwhelmed, and burned-out. Eventually, the frustration turned to anger and I sabotaged it all. My unaddressed, and relatively unconscious, dissatisfaction moved me to destroy the kingdom I’d worked so hard to build.
“I knew I had to make changes and rebuild from a new foundation, and I figured out how. Now I’m committed to helping organizations, professional teams, and executives do the same.

“I won’t promise that it will be easy. I guarantee you that it will be worth it. Because once we make the unconscious conscious, we make the impossible possible.”
– Chris M. King, CEO (Consultant for Executive OptimizationTM)

Get clear. Get focused. Get moving. Get results.
It’s your kingdom. Make it REIGNTM.


Book your free consultation NOW and claim your throne



Bold, dynamic, and high-powered
executive coaching for Kings

  • Engaging conscious masculinity in the workplace
  • Standing in unapologetic authenticity and accountability
  • Daring productivity increases: 20% – 40%!
  • Destroying barriers and limiting beliefs
  • Integrating dynamic leadership styles
  • Powerfully motivating teams for goal attainment
  • Circumventing Sudden Success/Wealth Syndrome
  • Courageously managing career or life transition
  • Intrepidly living and working from the core of your being

What Kings say

Heart-centered and powerful
executive coaching for Queens

  • Daring authentic empowerment and living from your truth
  • Gracefully balancing work and life
  • Dealing with executive men. HA! (No, really.)
  • Consciously navigating career or personal transition
  • Nurturing professional and personal relationships
  • Co-creating win-win-win conflict resolutions
  • Experiencing dynamic performance improvement
  • Increasing co-operation between women in the workplace

What Queens say

Progressive, irreverant and wildly enthusiastic
motivational presentations

  • Unapologetically authentic empowerment!
  • Ensuring your success, your way!
  • Discovering creative, and even “crazy,” solutions that work!
  • Boldly considering new perspectives on old ideas!
  • Irreverently honest and energetic engagements!
  • Emotionally connected events that resonate!

What the Royal Court says

Lead. Inspire. Contribute.


“My mission is to co-create a world of authentic empowerment through leadership and by connecting with and uplifting others. I strive to motivate audiences and clients to achieve authentic success by assisting with clarifying their objectives, removing barriers, designing creative solutions, and supporting them through implementation. I don’t show them THE way; I guide them in finding THEIR way.”

– Chris M. King, CEO (Consultant for Executive Optimization)TM




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